Christian Arab and Middle Eastern Churches Together

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CAMECT Meeting on March 31,2009
CAMECT Minutes-Noursat on 10-17-2008

Christian Arab and Middle Eastern Churches Together (CAMECT) is a common effort of the following faith communities in the United States who belong to or are associated with their respective churches in the Middle East:

Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America Coptic Catholic Church
Armenian Orthodox Church Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Armenian Catholic Church Maronite Catholic Church
Armenian Evangelical Church Melkite Greek Catholic Church
Assyrian Church of the East Presbyterian Church
Chaldean Catholic Church Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch
Coptic Orthodox Church Syriac Catholic Church of Antioch

We gather two times per year or as need arises for the following purpose:

Communion:  (Koinonia) to deepen our bonds of fellowship, awareness, respect and love for one another.

Common service: (Diakonia) to work together for the common good of our churches here and in the Middle East.

Preaching the Gospel: (Evangelia) To live and proclaim the Gospel so as to help our society better know Christ, especially through the eyes and lived experience of Middle Eastern Christians of different cultural and spiritual heritages, who have been witnessing to Him from the beginning of Christianity.

Witness and Dialogue: (Martyria) to witness to Christís love, reconciliation and peace among Christians and non-Christians alike, and to collaborate whenever possible towards understanding each other through dialogue.

We are willing to associate ourselves with others in the Ecumenical Movement who share our common values and goals.